Jude Zebadee is planning a trip to France via Guernsey later in the year and would welcome a few travelling companions

 “You might think I’m crazy (most people do!), but as a new vintage car owner with a still lamentable knowledge of mechanics, I am planning to take Gladys, my 1929 A7 Chummy, on a little jaunt over to Brittany in May or June 2024.

I know some might consider this late notice, but does anyone fancy joining me? I’m not a great one for forward planning, but will probably head either to Roscoff or to St Malo via Guernsey and spend a few days taking a tour of the Departement. I usually travel with a 2-man tent, but will be easily persuaded to find a nice little hotel or two.

I can provide the French language (and wine drinking) skills. Any mechanical knowledge you can provide would be a definite bonus! If you have even a passing interest in the idea, then please contact me as soon as possible and we can start making plans.

Vive Le Austin Sept!!

Jude Zebedee 01884 841677 or 07944 602211 or