Important Call to Action

URGENT – DVLA consultation on historic vehicle registration processes, how to answer it and ensure your voice makes a difference.
Good afternoon
This is an urgent call-to-action!

You may be aware of the 9 May Government announcement of a wide-ranging consultation about the registration of historic vehicles…/dft-and-dvla-launch-call-for…


In total, the consultation asks 50 questions in 12 subject headings. It covers all historic vehicles – not solely cars – of all types, and are all represented within the Federation.
Please find attached a Press Release (in Word and PDF) explaining how the Federation has set out its provisional position on each of the areas and is calling for your feedback in an online questionnaire.
We are seeking your club’s and your members’ feedback, along with that from our wider supporter membership and community.
This will help shape the Federation’s formal response to the consultation, on a topic of great importance that affects the entire movement.
The consultation offers FBHVC member clubs the opportunity to shape the creation and evolution of policies to preserve our ability to restore, register, and use historic vehicles efficiently and fairly for tomorrow’s roads.

We strongly encourage you to share this information – and importantly the link

– with all your members and wider historic vehicle friends (such as through social media).

The more people who respond to us the better, as this will ensure that our collective voices will carry considerable weight.
It’s taken a very long time – and a huge amount of extremely hard work by our dedicated team – to get to this position, as we battled on your behalf.
Now, it’s over to you!
Kind regards
Mel Holley
Secretary, Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Ltd
PO Box 1563
Tel: 01708 223111