Austin Seven Around the Americas

Back in 2012/13 ‘Devon Sevens’ followed Guy Butcher and Eunice Kratky as they drove their Austin 7 on an American tour. They have now written a book about their experiences, and Guy says :- The book is finally coming to print and we have ordered 500 copies and all the proceeds are being donated to Dame Hannah Rogers Trust. Why? Largely because we wish to celebrate the fact that without everyone’s help and support we would never have completed the adventure. Many of the people who supported us did so with generous discounts for parts or services. Hence it feels wrong to us to take the financial rewards from selling the book or the car. The book costs £14.99, but we’d like to ask you to help us recover the cost (£3,000) of the first print run. Thus if everyone buying the book is prepared to pay an extra £6, Dame Hannahs will still receive £15 for each copy sold. Any additional monies raised will also be donated to Dame Hannahs. We also wish to share with you that now the book is in print we have decided to raffle the car to raise additional funds for Dame Hannahs. The car is to be raffled as it was upon its return from the Americas. It will come with all the spares and tools to enable the new owner to use the car with minimal expenditure. Obviously it will be fully inspected, serviced and MOT’d. Each ticket will cost you £10. To order the book and/or purchase a raffle ticket, please see for the latest information, or email Guy at, tel. 07974 024499.